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Slide 1: Brave New Digital World. This presentation folder cover merges PC board schematics with the total scope of the reality of today’s digital infrastructure. CEIDS is an initiative for energy scientists and providers to manage the massive growing demand on the electric grid. Slide 2: Matter of Time and Space. Ad for ScanFiles, a document scanning and management company, illustrates the real problem of handling large volumes of paper – they take up office and warehouse space. Scanning and digital archiving is the only solution going forward. Slide 3: Pulling the Heart Strings. Blue Steel guitar strings are a well-established line of strings. We took the literal concept of a steel heart and brought it to life. Anatomically correct right down to the bloody rivets. Agency: Ramirez and Associates. Slide 4: Focus of a New Campaign. The poster for the Family Eye Care Center was the first in a re-design of their new marketing effort. The visuals also included in on-site signs, business cards and collateral.Slide 5: The Burning Question. Ad for EPRI poses the dilemma for us now and in the future: How shall we plan for unprecedented growth of energy demands? Fossil fuels will eventually run out and resulting pollution is choking many third world countries. Slide 6: The Beauty of Metal. Poster for Byington Steel portrays the extremes metal goes through to achieve a desired quality. It can be heated to become softer or heated and rapidly cooled to increase strength. The exacting standards are crucial in aerospace, automotive and medical devices. Slide 7: Road Warrior. Plugged is a series of ads promoting the Dean Markley electric line of guitar strings (playing off the popular unplugged concerts and recordings) The concept is a visual illumination of for the global travels of Neil Schon. Agency: Ramirez and Associates. Slide 8: Editorial Edge. GetMedLegal online magazine is targeted for legal and medical professionals. Although the subject matter can be complex and full of legalese, we can always find a way to bring interest and emotion through strong visual concepts. Slide 9: Ad for getRecords.com: Purging Paper Mountains. Ad for getRecords.com to get more medical and legal offices to go paperless. The companies programs and techniques save their clients time and headaches. Slide 10: Growing a Company. This recruiting brochure is targeted to new real estate sales and brokerage professionals. The theme throughout the marketing materials is a lighter, friendlier feel to offset the stressful environment of buying home.
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